The Rules of @homelessCEO

The rules of @homelessCEO are a pic every day, and/or a pic from every flight. In practice this translates to multiple flight pics some days; on days where I fly I excuse myself from posting the usual daily pic for the obvious reason of not having very much time (if any) to find one.

Pics are usually posted same day, but occasionally I use a pic from the same trip ONLY if it was also physically possible (including weather conditions) to have been shot on the actual day I post it. Honestly I started out not even doing this, but it got stupid shooting a picture on Monday and then going back to the same spot to shoot the same picture on Tuesday just to keep to the “same day pics” rule.

I do have a day job of course and it’s often really difficult to squeeze in the time to do this! During winter (depending of course on which hemisphere I’m in) you’ll see a lot more photos of underground stations and the like – this is because, again, I have to work all day like anyone else and by the time I get out to take a pic it’s usually dark (and the iPod is crap at night).

I use only an iPod Touch 5 and I don’t use the Instagram filters – I do however crop, straighten, and use the lux feature in the Instagram app; I also occasionally adjust for contrast etc. in Instagram itself.

So now you know!