Born 30-something years ago in the UK to an Irish mother and a Sri Lankan father, Cillín (pronounced Killeen) is an Australian entrepreneur and Harvard University dropout who spent ten years in Europe (Germany & Switzerland) before moving to his current place of residence in the UAE.

Cillín currently splits his time between a number of bases, including Australia, Hungary, Italy, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and the UAE – which is easier than may seem with 4 nationalities, 3 passports, and 2 companies to run!

Cillín quit his last “real job” in Ireland in 2001, which is when things started to get interesting:

language100_mono Established in 2004, Language Direct is the world’s premier online language teaching brand. Present in all global markets, Language Direct currently teaches more than 40 languages and boasts partnerships with 15 airline frequent flyer programmes. Cillín is Language Direct’s Founder/CEO. Sign up to learn a new language now at www.languagedirect.com!
Avilinga Established in 2010, Avilinga specializes in translation solutions for the aviation industry. Clients include Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Oman Air, Royal Jordanian Airlines and SriLankan Airlines. Cillín is Avilinga’s Founder/CEO. If you happen to work in airline Marketing, Sales or E-commerce and haven’t heard of us already, take a minute to head over to www.avilinga.com to find out what we can do.

Cillín currently employs more than 300 people and averages 10-15 flights a month – managing everything from the road with the help of his trusty Macbook Air.